Mona Vaidya

Allow me to introduce myself as an experienced educator with a heart. That one simple sentence reveals the frustrations of the education world today and the sufferings of young students by the hands and tongues of educators without a heart.

Being in education industry, I have seen a lot and as an educator, administrator, school leader and a mother of two young girls of 17 and 13 years has angered and fueled me so much to do something about it. I have decided to be in this industry by choice because we are beyond doubt, shaping the Future and I am a big part of it as I strongly believe that I can and am making a difference. I am an educator who’s trying to change the world – one kid at a time. That’s what explains me the best. Along with being a management person, I am an educator by heart who cannot help herself but to push / counsel / teach / understand / support / mentor / get involved with the young minds pushing them towards brilliance.

Today’s kids are dealing with so much mental and emotional pressure from everywhere and their childhood is being compromised in name of education. Being an Educator and a Counselor I know that all they need is a kind, supportive and driven educators, pushing them to be more than their potential.

My leading philosophy is very simple and that is – “We can change the world one kid at a time and one educator at a time can do that” and by giving utmost importance to the nurturing environment for the wholesome growth and development of not just the students but for the facilitators as well.

With rich experience of 22 years in IB Board, IGCSE Board, ICSE and CBSE board, I carry insights that are needed to make our school perform not just academically but from all global perspectives as well.

Let’s work together towards facilitating a more prepared, adaptable, sensitized, global minded and skilled generation.

Designation: Principal