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Thanks Bharti Madam for your outstanding effort. Really appreciate your concern for Tejas and your excellent contacts with CIE.
Sunil Menon
[Father of Tejas Menon (Grade A2) & Arjun Menon (Grade 10)]
The experience with Boston World School was excellent. They really care for children as their own .Perhaps it is one of the best school in the world.
[Father of Aryan Brashier (Grade 8)]
I am very happy with the efforts put in by the school. My kids Leisha, Shania and Krish have completed an entire academic year with Boston World School. Teachers and principal have given their best to the school. I would advice all parents to not think twice about admitting their wards to Boston. My daughters Leisha and Shania will be amongst the first batch to graduate from Boston World School.
Ms. Neeta Chandnani
[Mother of Leisha (Grade A2), Shania (Grade 10) & Krish (Grade 7)]
Extensive efforts which are invested by the Principal and her team of teachers are highly commendable. High levels of approachability and comfort provided to the students has motivated them to take on and accomplish intricate challenges both academically and non-academically.
Mr. Sameer Pareek
[Father of Ira (Grade AS) & Wachi (Grade 8)]
This is the only school where the cumulative efforts of the teachers and administrators inculcate extensive interest towards academics. My daughter has grown to love studies and has become so passionate towards learning and doing well at school. Seeing her take keen interest in academics has put all my fears at rest which were instilled by her performance at her previous school. Coming across Boston World School was a huge blessing in disguise for us!
Mr. Joe Duthie
[Father of Shekinah Duthie (Grade 10) ]
My daughter Ananya Iyer is a student of Boston World School, run by an able principal Mrs. Bharti Dhar. As the strength of the class is limited, each student gets individual and focused attention. She has learned so much and become more confident because of the amazing teachers and wonderful staff. Everyone works hard to enhance a nurturing educational environment.
Ms. Viji Iyer
[Mother of Ananya Iyer-Grade A2]
It has been a superb experience with Boston. Personal attention is paid and support is provided as per the student's requirement.They have excellent faculty and every aspect is being taken care of by the Principal. Prompt feedback and action taken. The best place for positive transformation:
  • Failure to success
  • Grade E to B
  • Grade B to A*
Ms. Sarita Jain
[Mother of Archit Jain- Grade A2]
Boston World School has helped Mahima in all possible ways. It has helped her to put her thoughts together and make her way through the correct guidelines in achieving her goals. Support- the main aspect any parent would wish for their child to have for their own different talents is what strikes this school out from the ordinary. My sister, being the Head Girl, was profoundly motivated to keep a balance throughout her year such as in her academics, sports, the student council and her responsibilities towards her post. We really appreciate and thank Mrs. Bharti and her teaching staff for the efforts put forth and also regards all the credits for my daughter’s achievement to them.
Pooja Devkar
[Guardian of Ms. Mahima Nimbalkar – Grade A2]
The hard work and determination of the principal Mrs Bhrati Dhar and her teachers put forth has really helped my daughter Aditi Gaikwad become passionate towards learning and doing well.Students are motivated ,helped in everyway possible and are provided the comfort they need.The best thing here is that personal attention is paid.The experience with Boston World School has been excellent.
Mrs Deepmala H Gaikwad
[Mother of Aditi Gaikwad -Grade A2]

Boston World School comes from the parent school of RIMS International, the pioneers of CIE education in India.